my own space: POETRY

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I noticed and learnt Poetry is a an arrangement of word which has meaning and nice to hear/read. For me as a beginner Poetry is such a word which express a feeling freely without any doubt and as a newbie I still dont follow yet a 'regulation' on this writing.

Poetry below are a row of experiences/feelings/notes I have been through so far. Anyone feel free correct me on how to write a great one ;)


Beautiful souls
to some splendid places

Nasi Goreng

colorful ingredients
colofur tastes
delish and appetizing
more please ...


Strong rocks
travellers passing by 
birds flying above
blue green water


Japanese flowers
stunning in April
walk leisurely
enjoying atmosphere 


Rain falling down
trees smiling
earth cooling 
sunshine hiding

Happy Morning

Times are ticking
faces are glowing calmly
and happy life is starting
what a fine looking world 


When some Ummah are still staying on craddle
when beautiful eyes still glued
with silent move and steady
with warm heart and expectation
I visit my beloved one
a humble man who loved by his Creator
a trusted man who love his Ummah
assalamualaika salam ya Rasulullah  


Snowing snowing lively girls
careful your steps
be happy with cold time
go and collect pine 


Coffee smells good
curtain opens wide
I drink my favorite one
ready for the world

Yara River Park

The weather is perfect
the trams are back and forth crossing the way
my strong foot lead to gorgeous mark
beautiful and cozy place to relax
Oooo the air changes my lungs
so healthy and clean
feel so light then bright
load my dynamic times excitedly
sightseers come and by
sit and use the times consequently

Qiyamul Lail

Malampun datang
menit demi menit hilang menuju subuh
ketika hati dan niat bersatu dengan tulus
membentangkan sajadah
bersatu dengan malam
bermunajat pada sang maha segalanya
Allah ya Karim
doa, dzikir dan keluh kesah
bersatu dalam bait yang tiada henti
Aduhai Rabb, hambaMu datang
memohon ridho dan bimbingan tiada tepi
meminta ampunan yang begitu luas
setiap saat