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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Taking a writing lesson online

The need to be a writer one day has been on my agenda but not knowing where to start and how to write them nicely. Many articles have been read n found the good one for me the other day. The writer told step by step how to write ( so far I just read 2 pages, still many left to learn and to absorb ) ;)

So, below my first writing ..ehmm ehmm ....
I am not looking for a credit, I just want to learn first whether I can focus writing on the subject

GALAU, this word is very common among us now. Personally I dont know the exact meaning but maybe I can transform the meaning of Galau like situation below:

When comes to Holiday season people are travelling whether local or flying outside. At least they took their annual leave to pamper him/herself after hardworking many years. Some are not having difficulties doing that while others must think twice as should have more saving money to fly whether on short of long trip.

Between the condition or no having so much money and the need to travel local or abroad will creat a galau condition, an unsteady situation.

People will become more galau if the know their close one are doing what they can not do.

Indeed it's not a good being a galau one. The aura and the atmosphere  from the galau one will transform easly outsie. Galau is good but not more than 5 minutes I guess. Galau also can be calculated as a normal one, which people who is being a galau one can evaluate him/herself to the next level of being a great one. 
Hm was that ? :h
And I learn to write a Poem too,
Please allow me to "present" to u readers 

The silent weekend shows on raining comes from the beginning of day until noon.
People lazy enough to go outside.
The meal taste dull as no warm heart around the table.
While on the other hands,
The productive times has begun since sunrise
Smiles and welcome face easy to find anywhere
Ooo what a beautiful word that must be
Life is just like that full of color in many spots
Once we thankful to what we have …
All the way comes easy and baraqah in syaa allah

let me know pelizzzzz      :e