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Thursday, December 12, 2013

CIrcle Photos

Hello everyone n how's life going on with all my dear friends so far.

As I am a blogger again (just for fun), presently I am addicted to create circle photos. What i know n read we can create that awesome look using PicMonkey ....but PC at office doesn't support that for a while. So i kept browsing to find what's a way to make or create d look n i found that using Microsoft Power Point we STILL can create a thousand circle photos. ( OK it’s done, although not that smooth, still has a dark shadow on it )

While I reached home I thought I’d like to arrange those pics onto one row using PicMonkey and please take a look what I did & I am over d moon now …ehm ehm ….

Those are easy's peace of cake. I am sure u can do these d same thing with ur computer.
Enjoy n I do love these projects.