my own space: Wonderful Tetangga

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wonderful Tetangga

The place where I work is far from hustle bustle of d city. It's not hectic n Alhamdulillah very easy to reach back n forth. The good impact of this condition is I can manage my times for working out everyday, while at d same time my friends are fighting with their times to go to their offices in d middle of hectic city of Jakarta. I have been in that daily routines for years n ENOUGH for me.

The work offices are surrounded by wonderful neighbors n they r indeed kindly, never found these types while I worked before. The area are also strategical, easy to reach business spots in half an hour. Everything can be "executed in minutes" ha ha ha (heyy watch our money, dont waste them)

Back to my wonderful tetangga, once a while they drop by just for giving their cookies or delicious vegetables, sayur lodeh. And a Warong which i used to buy lunch there are very kindly, d Ibu sometimes bring hot yummy fried tempeh or tofu. AND in a return once a while I bring them my homemade banana cake and such.