my own space: JALAN JALAN, Pantai Gondang, Lombok Utara

Friday, February 7, 2014

JALAN JALAN, Pantai Gondang, Lombok Utara

When comes to jalan jalan .... all of sudden my heart is senangnya bukan main. This trip brings back again to my fabulous island, Lombok.  Many says that go to some places  YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE, but dakuw ...oalaaa ke Lombok lagi. Indeed never feel bosen of this gorgeous and great scenery of this place. For me traveling is like breathing ...nggak lebay kan ...

No malls, no fancy things around ..but what I saw was peaceful piece of Nature, adem di hati, enak dipandang mata n yg penting nggak ada deh itu yg namanya stress ha ha ha ha ...(kecuali klo dah balik lagi ke dunia nyata)

Perjalanan dimulai setelah subuh, buka pintu kamar ..and terbentang luas kolam besar, Pantai Gondang, Lombok Utara. I smelled of real nature, all green n d former rain was still clearly visible. I love this moment soooo much. Every steps lead always to a new thing which heal soul.

Visited row of fishing village was another experience for me personally. Some people started fishing in d fresh morning air. Kids were running along d beach while their fathers were busy with their fishing line. It was a perfect morning in my eyes. It's so happy indeed talked with d kids and they smiled with candies I gave to them.